Wait... I Can Virtually Run?

That's what I said when my friend Mer introduced me to the idea. Mer (yes, she will be in MANY of these blogs) is a runner and she knew me & our friend (& co-board member) Christina wanted to get back into running. She explained how a virtual run could be the perfect opportunity for us to explore running and that we would get a bib and medal in the mail to commemorate the run. We all signed up for the Taco Trot from Moon Joggers, and ran our 1-mile beginning on the Glassboro side of the Monroe Township Bike Path. It wasn't pretty, but we did it. And in the end, we (of course) had tacos at Dia De Los Burritos!

After this, I was hooked. I wanted to do MORE of these virtual races! I mean, I could run in a race, get swag, and hang a super cool medal on my wall? ("Oh, these? Well, I run you know..."). I discovered that virtual races provided me with a place to run in private. By private, I mean not in a huge crowd of trained runners who would leave me in the dust. As someone who just rediscovered the passion for running, I now had an opportunity to sign up for races, receive the swag, then I was motivated to REALLY run! I've been able to do 1-milers & 5K's in the comfort and privacy of my own home, on my own treadmill, at my own pace, just as an extroverted introvert would do!

I started using Moon Joggers more, looking at their Clearance Races! Yeah... Ya' girl loves gardening, running, and SALES! I knew this was something I was going to love, because OMG, have you seen how cute these medals are?

While I love collecting the medals, I do actually run. I sign up for fundraiser races, and once I receive the swag, I then run it as a workout. This allows me to keep my training going, support charitable causes, and add some wall jewelry to my collection.

For anyone looking to start running, I really can't say enough about virtual races. I love them. I just signed up for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Parkway Virtual Run/Walk.. A great cause, a great organization, and a great way to keep my running momentum going! Sign up with me! We'll keep each other motivated!

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