It's Been a Minute...

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

2021 has been off to a rocky start. 2020 ended rough. I can say I was honestly sinking into a depression. Medication to keep me alive was being denied by my insurance company for over four months and I could feel my body slipping away from me. I run a nonprofit, advocate for people living with food apartheid, and could barely muster up the energy to sweep the floor, let alone run. I had races I signed up for. I had commitments to the BibRave Ambassadorship I needed to keep. But for a moment, as much as my heart was there, my body just wasn't. I wanted to blog about it but THEN realized my webpage name had been hacked & was being held "hostage" for $2500. I almost threw in the towel. ALL the towels. Then, I turned to the BibRave Ambassador community. I began to read through posts & connect with other Pros. We chatted. We shared laughs. We started following each other on social media. They don't know it, but they inspired me. They revitalized me. They encouraged me to be stronger than my thoughts of doubt. And they didn't even know it.

Long story short, I'm BACK! I had to purchase a brand new site, so please sign up for, and follow my journey at I'm going to search for drafts of my old blogs & put them here. I'll also be posting some virtual race reviews & product reviews here, so SUBSCRIBE! The Bahamas Marathon Half will have a video to accompany the blog, and even I watch it & laugh.

So please, stay with me. Please continue to stay with me as I reclaim ME. As I grow the ME I want to be. And thank you to the BibRave Family. You really have no idea how much you all played a role in my fight to get back to ME. I promise I won't let these minutes go idly by.

Let's burn.

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