Hugs for My Legs - Nabee Socks Review

I love running. I can't believe how much I actually love it. There's a freedom that occurs with every step. Even though I run indoors on the treadmill (which I prefer) I still feel that exhilaration seasoned runners talk about. The only part of running that I don't like doesn't even have to do with actual running... It has to do with me, being a person, who lives with chronic pain.

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis at age 29, I really did not have the full scope of what that would mean for my life and body. I didn't really understand that having an autoimmune disease truly would end up wreaking havoc on my muscles and joints. When I'm running, I feel great! After running? Not so much.

Having friends who run definitely has it's benefits. I get to ask them questions about technique, can be honest about my struggles, and get LOTS of amazing tips on products to help increase my stamina, recovery, and overall health. Since one of the symptoms of my autoimmune disease is severe muscle and joint pain running is a lot tougher than it was when I was 20. It's not just 19-years tougher... Multiply that by 5. During and after running I have a lot of pain and swelling in my feet and ankles, including severe pain that shoots up and down my legs. After one run I remembered Mer telling me about some compression sock she used to help relieve leg pain. I went onto the group blog Meridith writes with (Scootadoot) and found her and Ashley's articles reviewing Nabee Socks as BibRave Pros, raving about how wonderful they are.

So I ordered a pair.

Let me just preface this by saying, anyone who knows me knows I'm not one to wear socks with my sneakers. Even when I'm running. But I pulled on these knee-high (eek?) socks for my 7 a.m. run & was IMMEDIATELY shocked and in awe at how comfortable, soft, and relieving it was to have these on! It felt like two special hugs massaging my legs (totally!). I was surprised, but still a little pessimistic because surely, these were going to slide right down my legs as soon as I started my run... NO! THEY DIDN'T QUIT! Not only did these socks stay up at the knee, but when I finished my 30-minute run with the Peloton app, I had to hurry into my home office for an online meeting. Next thing I knew, it was 8:30 pm & I was quitting for the day. I slid back from my desk & the realization hit me, I had these socks on ALL DAY! And they were STILL UP AT MY KNEES! And they DID NOT leave that horrible elastic "compression impression" or irritation. Let me just say I was sold on this pair of socks. I definitely feel the difference after running with them and when I don't run with them. Since I only have the one black pair, I just placed another order for more socks with some cute designs and some plain. Anything to keep me running!

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