All About the Buddy!

Honestly… I cannot imagine going out to run without my buddy, Mer. Let me tell you a little bit about this girl. She is an experienced runner, and in my book, she's an absolute expert and rockstar. She gets me really excited about this re-discovery I'm having with learning how to run again and running at my age (the BIG 5-0!)

Mer's encouragement is priceless. She just says, "Want to run at Elephant Swamp?"

That's it. No arm twisting. I never even give it a second thought! What is so magical about Mer? Pay attention...

  1. Mer is my FRIEND. She wants to help me become healthier so I'm not sick as much as a person with several autoimmune diseases. She knows movement is good for me, & sometimes I need my arm twisted. But here's the funny part - She NEVER has to twist anything! I absolutely love and jump at every chance to run with her.

  2. Mer is HILARIOUS. We laugh. All the time. Like, ALL-THE-TIME! When we run, we always end up in raucous laughter at several points along the way. Often while attempting to keep our stride & pace. In my opinion, laughter helps increase your performance. Each chuckle propels you a little bit forward more! (Not a scientific fact. But if you tell yourself something enough, it becomes true. Try it! LOL!!)

  3. Mer is SUPPORTIVE. Let me tell you, this girl is a complete rockstar when she's out running. And even though she could do her distance and come back and I'd be finishing up my little run (since my turtle pace is more like a Galapagos tortoise) but she never leaves my side. We were together doing our run to escape and I kept trying to let her know it was OK to run ahead to get her extra mile in. Let me tell you what this girl did. She cheered me on and stayed with me! She ran at my pace and somehow, magically, & cheerfully brought me along HER journey to run the extra extra mile with her.

The BIG takeaway from this? YOU NEED A MER! Not my Mer... Get your own! Get yourself a running buddy who truly embodies friendship, fun, and support. Someone who embodies all of these qualities actually cares about you and cares about your progress. Someone like this is going to enjoy the time with you and will not make you feel less. Running with this type of friend will make you feel as if you just qualified for the Olympics. So to all my running friends out there, get your buddy and get moving! And to Mer, thank you for always being a wonderful friend and running buddy!

Check her out at her blog, Scootadoot and her BibRave reviews!

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